Solo painting exhibition entitled "Tehran, a Conceptual Revolution" ,Etemad Gallery , 2016

Decorative elements of stucco works with feminine models are blends in a realm where chivalry and mythology, form the superior aspects of the masculine life. And by the time when, with no judgment, we have found our birth and life in the twenty two different districts of Tehran, our reection becomes part of the art work

Group Exhibition Entitled What the pop ,Saless Gallery ,  February 2016

Group exhibition entitled “Persian Garden Party” ,nicolas flame Gallery , paris , June 2015

Group exhibition entitled “fish & coral” niavaran  Gallery ,  June 2015

Pop Art exhibition entitled Happy Days ,nicolas flame Gallery , paris ,January 2015 

Solo painting exhibition entitled "The one who is like me, the one who is not like me" ,Etemad Gallery , 2014        

Ali Zaeem

Woman's presence in between two magnetic poles is followed by man, resembling the rhythm of a pendulum:
The one who is like me, the one who is not like me. Not every loaned object from the past is an object of merit and cause of progress. Iranian plaster work however, that is rooted in western classic world has lost its signifying and pragmatic functions and like a remaining fossil sneaks from a culture to the other.
The one who is like me, the one who is not like me. These classic forms that have praised the allure of their era, similar to the other ineluctable parts of the traditional life, are intertwined with the contemporary in the decorative fashion.
On the other side of the paradox, large and colorfully tawdry objects compete with the world of advertisement. And regarding our time's formal concerns and like an extraterrestrial being, in the approach of avangard fashion and in pop-art structure we are faced with objects that when fused with their subjects they came to expose dynamism, anxiety and unorthodoxy.
This series indicates the contrasts that lean on the traditional values and on the other hand are unable or possibly unwilling to detach from the modern world confessing its multifaceted identity and here the plaster-works shatters and falls with a !ick so that the radically poignant and chic that has reached out of their passive cocoon, whisper this sentence:"The one who is like me, the one who is not like me".

Ali Zaeem

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